Stabilité des écoulements cisaillés pour les équations d’Euler hydrostatiques avec densité stratifiée
Mar. 2024 — Groupe de travail “MathsInFluids”, Lyon.

On the inviscid and non-diffusive primitive equations with Gent and McWilliams parametrization
Jan. 2024 — Seminar of the DFG Research Unit FOR 5528.

Rectifying a deep water model for water waves
Apr. 2022 — Seminar in Mathematical Analysis, EPFL, Lausanne.

The hydrostatic approximation for stratified fluids
Jan. 2022 — Programme CEA-SMAI/GAMNI, Paris.

The art of modeling water waves
July 2021 — Habilitation defense, Rennes.

Boussinesq⁠–Whitham full-dispersion systems as asymptotic models for water waves
Feb. 2020 — Fluid Dynamics seminar, Bergen.

Large-time asymptotic stability of traveling wave solutions to scalar balance laws
July 2019 — RIMS workshop, Kyoto.

On the Favrie⁠–Gavrilyuk system as an approximation to the Serre⁠–Green⁠–Naghdi model
June 2018 — Fluid Dynamics and Dispersive Equations Workshop, Lund. (movies: 1, 2, 3)

An asymptotic model for the propagation of long waves with improved frequency dispersion
June 2017 — Séminaire d’Analyse, Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Physique Théorique, Tours.

Opérateur de Schrödinger avec potentiel oscillant — Potentiel effectif et bifurcation de valeurs propres
March 2017 — Séminaire “Problèmes Spectraux en Physique Mathématique”, Paris.

On the well-posedness of the Green⁠–Naghdi system
Sept. 2016 — Workshop “Recent progress on the qualitative properties of nonlinear dispersive equations and systems”, Vienna.

Asymptotic limits for the multilayer shallow water system
Nov. 2015 — Groupe de travail MathOcean, Toulouse.

The water waves system and asymptotic models
Oct. 2015 — Colloquium in mathematics (talk for non specialists), Center for Mathematical Sciences, Lund.

Kelvin⁠–Helmholtz instabilities in shallow water
Nov. 2014 — CAMS seminar, American University of Beirut, Lebanon. (movies: 1, 2. Matlab code.)

Pourquoi ne fait-il par craindre les eaux mortes ?
June 2014 — Nuit des Sciences (talk for general audiences), ENS, Paris.

Asymptotic models for internal waves and the rigid-lid approximation
Nov. 2013 — Conference “Modelling, Control and Inverse Problems for the Planet Earth”, Paris.

Complete justification of unidirectional and decoupled models for the propagation of internal waves in oceanography
May 2013 — Groupe de travail Analyse nonlinéaire et EDP, ENS/P6/P7, Paris.

Trapping waves: Bifurcation of discrete eigenvalues from the edges of the continuous spectrum of the Schrödinger operator
Jan. 2013 — École thématique GDR CHANT, Transport dans les milieux microstructurés, 7 Laux (Isère, France).

One-dimensional scattering and localization properties of highly oscillatory potentials
Dec. 2011 — Geometry and Analysis Seminar, Columbia University, New York.

The dead-water phenomenon: a nonlinear approach
May 2011 — Workshop “Qualitative and numerical aspects of water waves and other interface problems”, Vienna.

Asymptotic models for internal waves in Oceanography
Feb. 2011 — Applied Mathematics Colloquium, New York.