Third Workshop on Stochastic Weather Generators
Vannes May
16th-20th, 2016

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Tuesday 17th May

Multivariate models (moderator: V. Monbet)
    •    William Kleiber (University of Colorado, USA). Stochastic Weather Generators: From WGEN to BayGEN.
    •    Denis Allard (INRA, France).  A multivariate multi-site Weather Generator based on a Flexible Class of Non-separable Cross-Covariance Functions.
    •    Thi Thu Huong Hoang (EDF R&D, France). Joint simulations of temperature, precipitation, solar and wind.
    •    Vincent Cailliez (Chambre d'agriculture de la Creuse, France). A stochastic weather generator for daily temperatures and precipitations : usability for climate change adaptation in agriculture.

Multivariate models (moderator: Y. Sun)
    •    Nina A. Kargapolova ( Novosibirsk National Research State University, Russia). Monthly average temperatures and precipitation stochastic simulation in the Lake Baikal region.
    •    Komlan Kpogo-Nuwoklo (Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany). Stochastic swell events generator.

Data Assimilation (moderator: Y. Sun)
    •    Marc Bocquet (CEREA, France). Estimating model evidence using data assimilation.
    •    Redouane Lguensat (Telecom Bretagne, France). Analog Data Assimilation.
Wednesday 18th May

Downscaling (moderator: E. Mémin)
    •    Philipp Sommer (University of Lausanne, Switzerland). Fundamental statistical relationships between monthly and daily meteorological variables: Temporal downscaling of weather based on a global observational dataset.
    •    Liliane Bel (INRA, France). “Spatial Hybrid Downscaling” (SHD) for statistical spatial downscaling of extreme precipitation fields.
    •    Samuel Groyer (Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie, France). Fine scale stochastic downscaling of re-analysis data along an elevation gradient.

Stochastic climate models (moderator: E. Mémin)
    •    Christian Franzke (University of Hamburg, Germany). Systematic stochastic modeling of atmospheric variability.
    •    Valentin Resseguier (INRIA, France). Randomized fluid dynamics based on subgrid transport.

Simulating Precipitation
(moderator: W. Kleiber)
    •    Clément Guilloteau (LEGOS, Toulouse). Stochastically Generated High Resolution Precipitation Ensembles Constrained by Satellite Observations.
    •    Erwan Koch (ETH Zurich, Switzerland). A frailty-contagion model for multi-site hourly precipitation driven by atmospheric covariates.

Simulating Precipitation (moderator: W. Kleiber)
    •    Christoph Ritshel (Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany). Intensity-Duration relationships in a seasonal Bartlett-Lewis rectangular Pulse model.
    •    Gregoire Mariethoz (University of Lausanne, Switzerland). Estimating local space-time properties of rainfall from a dense gauge network.

Thursday 19th May

Space-time Models (moderator: D. Allard)
    •    Valérie Monbet (Université de Rennes 1, France). Time varying autoregressive models for multisite weather generators.
    •    Ying Sun (KAUST, Saudi Arabia). Stochastic simulation models for multi-site nonstationary time series using wavelets.
    •    Pierre Pinson (Technical University of Denmark). Generating and evaluating space-time trajectories of renewable power generation.
Space-time Models (moderator: D. Allard)
    •    Julie Bessac (Argonne National Laboratory, USA). Stochastic simulation of predictive space-time scenarios of wind speed using observations and physical models.
    •    Dionissios Hristopulos (Technical University of Crete, Greece). Stochastic Local Interaction Models and Space-Time Covariance Functions based on Linear Response Theory.

Extreme Events (moderator: P. Tandeo)
    •   Cameron Bracken (University of Colorado, USA). Generating gridded extreme precipitation fields for large domains with a Bayesian hierarchical model.
    •    Reik Donner ( Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany). Quantile regression for trend assessment of heavy rainfall events and bias correction of regional climate models.

Analogues and Resampling Methods (moderator: P. Tandeo)
    •    Pascal Yiou (LSCE, France). Stochastic weather generators and conditional detection and attribution of singular events.
    •    Dimitris Giannakis (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, USA). Kernel methods for nonparametric analog forecasting.
    •    Aitor Atencia (McGill University,  Canada). Probabilistic comparison of the information in the rainfall field from NWP and analogue-based forecasts.

Friday 20th May

Non-Gaussian Processes (moderator: P. Ailliot)
    •    Anastassia Baxevani (University of Cyprus). Use of latent Gaussian processes in certain environmental applications.
    •    Sara Martino (SINTEF Energy AS, Norway). Spatio-temporal precipitation generator based on latent Gaussian field.

Non-Gaussian Processes (moderator: P. Ailliot)
    •    Vasily A. Ogorodnikov (Novosibirsk National Research State University, Russia). Numerical stochastic models of conditional meteorological fields.
    •    Marc Genton (KAUST, Saudi Arabia). Tukey g-and-h Random Fields.