09-13 April 2007     (Hanoi University of Education)

Main topics include:
  1. Various notions of integrability
  2. Local and global properties of integrable (non)Hamiltonian systems in finite and infinite dimension
  3. Obstructions to integrability
  4. Quantum integrable systems
  5. Perturbations of integrable systems
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Organized with the financial support of in cooperation with Hanoi University of Education.

Talks :

Jarmo HIETARINTA University of Turku Hirota's bilinear method and soliton solutions
Gregorio FALQUI Univercità di Milano Poisson pencils, integrability and separtion of variables
Holger DULLIN University of Loughborough Action variables near resonant equilibria
Yoshiaki MAEDA Keio University Expressions of algebraic elements and transcendental noncommutative calculus
Yuji KODAMA Ohio state University Geometry of Pfaff lattice
Thomas KAPPELER University of Zurich Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattices: normal form and KAM theorem
Heinz HANSSMANN University of Utrecht On destruction of resonant Lagrangian tori in Hamiltonian Systems
Tamara GRAVA SISSA Universality in singular limits of Hamiltonian PDEs
Maria PRZYBYLSKA Copernicus University,Torun Finitness of integrable n-dimensional homogeneous polynomial potentials
Michel AUDIN Université de Strasbourg Geometry of quadratic systems
Juan Morales Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Differential galois theory and spectral theory
Jean-Pierre RAMIS Université de Toulouse Swinging Atwood's machin: experimental and theoretical studies
Jonathan ROBBINS University of Bristol Maslov indices and singularities of integrable systems
San VU-NGOC University of Grenoble Classical and quantum invariant for integrable Hamiltonian systems
Alexei BOLSINOV University of Loughborough Non commutativee integrability and Mischenko-Fomenko conjecture
Jean-Pierre MARCO University of Paris 6 Entropy of integrable and near-integrable Hamiltonian systems
M Senthilvelan Bharathidasan University On the integrability and linearisation properties of certain nonlinear oscillators and systems of the form x'' + (k_1x^q + k_2)x' + k_3x^{2q+1} + k_4x^{q+1} + l_1 x = 0
Jacek TAFEL University of Warsaw Symmetries and completely integrable reductions of the Einstein equations
Tadashi TOKIEDA Cambridge University tba
Tudor RATIU EPFL The role of convexity in Hamiltonian dynamics