in relation with microgravity activities :

The microgravity activities on aqueous Foams (see microgravity ) have been published in peer-reviewed journals (like article #36) and presented in conferences, but also in more general journals, local newspapers, etc...
This includes EuroPhysicsNews, Ouest-France, Science Ouest, etc...

You can also have a look at these video+interview from the ESA archive website :

ESA interview in 2003

ESA interview in 2003

in relation with surfactant spreading :

Our study of surfactant spreading (article #69), published in 2014 in Phys. Rev. Lett., has been reported in other journals :

- in "Le Monde"

picture of the spreading in "Le Monde"

- at the CNRS-INP website : go to

INP website

in relation with chromocapillarity and light-induced droplet motion :

Our study of chromocapillary motion of droplet (article #47), published in 2009 at Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., has been reported in other journals :

- in "Nature" , vol.462, p. 297, (2009).

- in "ACS Chemical Engineering News", November (2009).

- in the "Journal du CNRS" (2010)

- at the CNRS-INC and CNRS-INP websites : go to

INC website

in relation with the article published in Angew.Chem in 2011 on "smart foams" :

This work has been selected as a CNRS "communique de presse" : go to

for the CNRS press website

It has been also reported in several newspapers :

find here :
an article in "Le Monde"

go to
for the article in "Les Echos"

go to
for the article in "Sciences et Avenir"

go to
for the article in "Techno-science"