scientific collaborations

this is a list of (non-local) co-workers based on - at least - 1 common paper or 1 common presentation in conference :

This list does not take into account PhDs and postdocs from my own group, and co-workers from my lab.

F. Gallet/F. Graner (during PhD)

D. Baigl, ENS-Chimie, Paris

V. Bergeron, Dpt. de Physique ENS, Lyon

B. Binks, Hull University, UK

S. Cox, Aberystwith University, Wales

W. Drenckhan, LPS, Orsay

J.P. Douliez, INRA Nantes

D. Durian, U. Penn, Philadelphie, USA

F. Elias, MSC, Paris

A.L. Fameau, INRA Nantes

F. Gaucheron, INRA Rennes

M. In, LCVN, montpellier

D. Langevin, LPS, Orsay

A. Maldonado, Universite de Sonora, Mexique

G. Maurdev, CSIRO, Melboune, Australie

C. Monteux, ESPCI, Paris

F. Nau, INRA, Rennes

H.A. Stone, Princeton University, USA

N. VandeWalle, Université de Liège, Belgique

O. Velev, North Carolina State University

D. Weaire, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland