Machine Learning, Masters BMC, Bioinfo, MODE, CSM(2017)

Lecture notes (slides)
Leukemia, prediction of AML/ALL: Leukemia1 R markdown (Dimension reduction, clustering), Leukemia2 R markdown (Classification),
                      Python code
                      R code
Ozone Python codes, R codes, Ozone dataset
Digits Python code
Wisconsin Brest Cancer Dataset data, data description
    This dataset will be used for the labs (e.g. to practice the machine learning methods).
1. Prediction of ENSO Index (El Nino-El Nina) from sea surface temperature data
Python version : notebook
R version Data for R (first download the data and then loda then into R using the command load("ElNino.Rdata") ): ElNino.Rdata

(R markdown)

2. Prediction of ER+/ER- in Breast Cancer from micro-array data (R markdown)
3. Prediction of relapse after 5 year in Cancer from micro-array data (R markdown)

- FREE SOFTWARES with Machine Learning packages
R with Rstudio interface
Python with spyder interface
Matlab, Machine Learning toolbox

OIB - Introduction à Python L2 (2017)

Notes de cours, script cours no 1, supports cours (slides)
TD1, , TD1_corrigé, TD2, TD2 corrigé
TP1, TP2 
TD3/TP3  + skin_cancer.dat , corrigé :
TP4 + tas_1901_2015.csv + fromages.dat
TP2 corrigé, TP3 corrigé (partie 1) , TP3 Régression linéaire Formules.pdf et programme Python : skin_cancer.py
TP4 corrigé (partie 1)
PROJET OIB (2017) : traitement d'image (travail à rendre avant le 26 nov. 2017)
Description du projet et instructions :  sujet du projet
Images : damier-ng.png
, visage1.png , starwars.jpg , paysage_zen.png

Pour utiliser Python sur un ordinateur personnel installer thonny (http://thonny.org)
ou anaconda (https://www.anaconda.com/download/#macos) qui contient une version de python.

Graphical models, Master 2, 2017

Lecture notes
Anger Ising model and Restricted Bolzman Machine (R markdown)
Ozone Gaussian Graphical Model (R markdown)
Customer's satisfaction survey, data : mobi.Rdata
Sachs protein data (R markdown)
Datasets: student_mat.csv, student_por.csv, student_description.txt, student-read-data.R

BIOSTAT M1 - Clustering

Machine Learning, Data Science for Environment Conference (Brest, 2017/07)

Lecture notes
Python codes
R codes

Ozone dataset


Modèles linéaires généralisés (2017)

GLM Pharmacologie Clinique et Epidémiologie