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Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation in optronics and optical telecommunications

This research activity is achieved from 2008 in the Foton Laboratory.  The 2 main research topics under study are:
  1. Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of nonlinear optical phenomena in resonant microstructures
  2. Numerical simulation of incoherent optical wave propagation in non-linear fibres
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Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The general framework of this research topic is the mathematical modelling and the numerical simulation of various phenomena occurring in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This work was conducted in collaboration on the one hand with G. Caloz (IRMAR, UMR 6625, Université de Rennes I), J. de Certaines and G. Cathelineau (Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine, Université de Rennes I), one the other hand with H. Benoit-Cattin and C. Odet (CREATIS, UMR 5515, INSA Lyon) and finally with L. Chupin (Institut Camille Jordan, UMR 5208, INSA Lyon).

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Coupled Finite Element and Integral Representation Methods in Electromagnetism

This work was achieved in collaboration with G. Caloz, IRMAR, University of Rennes 1 (UMR CNRS 6625). We are interested in determining the magnetic field created by an electromagnetic device formed of a metallic core and an inductor (such as an electromagnet or an actuator). This work is part of a project aimed to study optimal configurations of such an electromagnetic device where the shape of the metallic core or the shape of the inductor are optimised in order to satisfy a given criterion (e.g. obtain a uniform high intensity magnetic field as required for certain applications in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

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