Welcome to this new website

Why this new website and what is Hugo?

It was half fun / half tedious to construct this new website, but because my University sadly decided to discontinue the system I have used before (dotclear), I had to react.

Anyway, the positive side of this is that it made me learn new things (Hugo), and thanks to the Summer ‘vacations’, here it is! I hope you enjoy it. Send me an email if you find some serious flaw to correct.


Having spent so much time installing and developing complicated websites (in particular CHL, Annales Henri Lebesgue) in the last (many) years, it wasn’t easy to accept that I would have to write my own webpage in the old-fashioned direct HTML way, like we did in the 1990’s.

To my surprise, not only are the 1990’s seriously back in clothing trends, but the good old static websites are now the new rage. Well, maybe. In any case, Hugo is a proud representative of this tendency. But, there is a difference. You don’t write everything in pure HTML. Using templates and YAML datafiles, nice automation can be accomplished. This makes it a lot more fun. But the initial setup was, hum, quite time consuming (this being a corollary of that, isn’t it?).

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