Waves, boundaries and oscillations in numerical schemes

General presentation

The present wokshop is a meeting of the ANR project Boundaries, Numerics and Dispersion(BoND). As part of the general project it focuses on phenomena arising in numerical schemes, especially for conservative or dispersive equations, in strongly oscillatory regimes or when the presence of wave propagation and boundaries are taken into account.

Hosted by the Université de Rennes 1, on November 2-4 of 2016, the meeting includes a three-hours course by

and 10 one-hour lectures by and is organized by Jean-François COULOMBEL (CNRS, Nantes), Frédéric LAGOUTIÈRE (Université Lyon 1) and Miguel RODRIGUES (Université de Rennes 1).


Registration is closed. Here is a list of attendees.


A detailed program including titles and abstracts may be found here.

The meeting shall start right after lunch time on Wednesday November 2nd and end with lunch on Friday November 4th.

For the participants arriving early on Wednesday a group will leave the math building at 11h30 for lunch (8€ at the expense of participants). Food (sandwiches, pasta boxes, salads...) may also be purchased in buildings 27 and 36 (see campus map).

Wednesday 2nd

13h30-14h30. P. Noble
14h30-15h30. S. Fliss

Coffee break

16h00-17h00. E. Faou
17h00-18h00. B. Boutin

Thursday 3rd

9h-10h. A. Arnold

Coffee break

10h30-11h30. Chr. Rohde
11h30-12h30. H.J. Hupkes


14h-15h. A. Arnold

Coffee break

15h30-16h30. L. Le Treust
16h30-17h30. R. Carles

20h. Dinner

Friday 4th

9h-10h. A. Arnold

Coffee break

10h30-11h30. G. Dakin
11h30-12h30. A. Duran


Pratical information

Reaching Rennes

Rennes is accessible by fast train TGV and by plane, both including direct connections to Roissy Charles-de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Going to campus

Timelines of the public transportation network are available here, maps are available here. Bus lines whose name starts with a capital "C" are more frequent, those with names ending with "ex" are faster. Tickets are valid during one hour in any combination of lines. Single tickets may be purchased for 1,5€ on board in buses, other fares are available at ticket machines of subway stations.

The campus of Beaulieu is at a 40 minutes walking distance from downtown. To reach the campus by bus from the main downtown bus station République one may take buses C4 (in the direction of "ZA Saint-Sulpice"), 40ex (in the direction of "Beaulieu Atalante") or C6 (in the direction of "Cesson Sévigné Rigourdière"). On all of them one may stop at the main entrance of the campus, stop Tournebride, but it is more convenient in order to reach the math building and possible on C4 and 40ex to get off at stop Beaulieu Restau U.

From train station one may reach downton station République by metro line A, then follow the foregoing instructions. Alternatively one may directly take the express line 41ex and get off either at stop Tournebride or Beaulieu Restau U, only between approximately 7h30 and 9h. Likewise to come back to train station one may take 41ex only between 16h and 19h.

From airport one may reach station République using bus line 57 then follow above instructions. 57 buses leave approximately every 20 minutes and once in the bus reaching downtown takes about 20 minutes and the full trip to the campus takes about 40 minutes. Alternatively one may take a taxi to the campus for about 30€ and a 20 minutes trip.

Math building

Lectures shall be hosted by rooms 04 & 06 from the math department of Université de Rennes 1 that also hosts the math lab, IRMAR. Math building is numbered 22-23 on campus map. Note that the campus map also locates bus lines and stops about the campus.

Here is how to reach the math building from the stop Beaulieu Restau U (for lines C4, 40ex and 41ex) and here how to do so from stop Tournebride.


There are many hotels available downtown and near the train station. These are the recommanded option if you intend to spend some time visiting the downtown area.

Alternative cheaper possibilities are Campanile Rennes Est Atalante at 15 minutes walking distance from the math buiding but relatively isolated, and Ibis Rennes Beaulieu at a 25 minutes walking distance from the math building but well-connected to bus network (stop Taillis) and main cirulation axes. In particular Ibis hotel is connected to stop Beaulieu Restau U by bus lines 31 and 35, and to stops Tournebride and République by bus C6.