COURTAY Antoine – Associate Professor


ENSSAT – University of Rennes 1

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Current Research Activities


Research Topics :

-          Wireless Sensor Networks

-          Low Power Algorithms & Architectures

-          Reconfigurable Architectures


PhD Students :

-          Christophe HURIAUX co-supervised with Olivier SENTIEYS

Embedded Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators with Efficient Dynamic Reconfiguration Management

This thesis focuses on a dynamically reconfigurable embedded FPGA architecture in a heterogeneous multicore system using 3D-stacking technologies, as part of the FP7 FlexTiles project. October 2012


-          Alexis AULERY co-supervised with Olivier SENTIEYS and Jean-Philippe DIGUET

Sensor Network Node Design for Gesture and Body Movement Analysis

This thesis focuses on ultra low power algorithms & architectures in the context of WBAN (Wireless Body Area Network) applications, as part of the BoWI project (Labex CominLabs). October 2012


Master Students :

-          Sébastien FONTAINE co-supervised with Olivier BERDER

Indoor Localisation via UWB Radio for Crowded Environment, 2015-2016


-          Gia-Minh HOANG co-supervised with Matthieu GAUTIER

Localization via Ultra Wide Band Radio for Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks, 2013-2014


Previous Research Activities


2010 – 2012 : Electronics Engineer at LBMS lab.

-          MEMs data sensor fusion algorithm

-          Motor control commands


2009 – 2010 : Post-doctoral position at LEAT lab.

-          WSN power consumption modeling & estimation


2005 – 2009 : PhD student between the Lab-STICC & IRISA labs then assistant professor at the Lab-STICC lab.

-          Interconnections/buses power consumption modelization, estimation and optimization