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You will find in this page some DIY (Do It Yourself) electronics projects and some other things.

Feel free to ask for schematics & or source code.




Gearbox Indicator


Aim: Realize a Gearbox indicator (1 < Engaged Speed < 6) Engaged speed is displayed on a LED bargraph.


It exists on some motorbikes (for instance injection suzuki bandit) a wire providing a voltage depending on the engaged gearbox speed. This voltage only needs to be sampled by an analog to digital converter. The program is running onto a dsPIC C from Microchip.




Automatic Cat Feeder


Aim: Realze an Automatic cat feeder. The feeding times and the number of feeding times are choosen by the user.

Keywords: dsPIC, servomotor (PWM command), optical fork, LCD, keyboard, interruption, RTC clock.

When powering up, the user has to choose (by typing on the keyboard) the number and the times of the feeding times. The program (running onto a dsPIC) compare the actual time (RTC with a 32kHz Quartz) with the memorized feeding times. If it is feeding time a servomotor (driven by a transistor and a relay) is rotated in order to free the food looked in some PVC tubes. An optical fork (issued from an old computer mouse) is in charge to manage if the tank of food is not empty.

Some messages are displayed on the 4x20 LCD display (actual time, next feeding time, state of the food tank )
In case of wall power supply break an embedded battery can manage the Automatic cat feeder.




ICD2 Clone / Serial PIC Programmer


ICD2 Clone: Programmer & debugger for MICROCHIP C

PIC Serial Programmer: Serial Programmer for MICROCHIP C




Tactile TFT color LCD Screen Driver


Aim: Experimental board with an ATMEGA64




Inline Skating Speedometer


Aim: Realize a Speedometer running onto an ATMEGA8. The C counts external interrupts issued from the ILS sensor. A magnet is placed in a wheel.




Fixed Position Radar Signalling


ATMEGA8, NMEA-0183 GPS mouse, I2C, LCD




InfraRed Steering Wheel Remote Control


Aim : Getting back the functionality of an original steering wheel remote control with a new car radio.




Digital Signal Generator 20MHz


Aim: Digital Signal generator (20MHz) with an ATMEGA16 and a MAX038.




Laboratory Power Supply 30V/2A


Aim : Realize a Variable Laboratory Power Supply with the classical LM723 voltage regulator.




Laboratory Power Supply (ATX PC modified Power Supply)


Aim : Realize a Laboratory Power Supply issued from a modified (load resistance & fused protections) ATX PC power supply. This Power supply can provide 3.3V / 5V / 12V / -12V voltages.




Phonecard Reader


Aim : Analyze data contained inside the EEPROM of phonecards (size, year, chip #, remaining credit )





PC Monitoring


Aim : Monitoring components inside a PC (C, disk size, voltages, fan speed )






AVR ISP: ATMEGA C Programmer

AVR JTAG: Programmer & JTAG debugger for ATMEGA C





1959 Lanaverre 420 Sailing Dinghy Renovation


Pole fixing & vernish


Bench mount fixing


Before / After


Beach trailer construction




1967 S3800 Solex Renovation


At the beginning

Exhaust dirt removing / Electrolysis / Electroplating

The puzzle

It works