Fluid-particles flows: a thin spray model with energy exchanges


This paper is devoted to an asymptotic analysis of a fluid-particles coupled model, in the bubbling regime. On the theoretical point of view, we extend the analysis done in [Carrillo-Goudon 2008] for the case of an isentropic gas to the case of an ideal gas, thus adding the internal energy, or temperature, which is unknown. We formally derive the bubbling limit system in the same way as in [Carrillo-Goudon 2008] and propose a numerical scheme to solve this limit system. The numerical resolution of the non-limit system, and the numerical analysis of the asymptotic properties of the scheme (e.g. the asymptotic preserving property), as performed in [Carrillo-Goudon 2008], is at study.

CEMRACS 2008—Modelling and numerical simulation of complex fluids