M2 MF — Numerics for transport

Master 2 in Fundamental Mathematics

The lecture will be given during fall 2023 for the students of the Master 2 in Fundamental Mathematics (french website). The first session takes place on Tuesday, November 7. 2023.


This course is the numerical counterpart of the Hyperbolic Equations course, given by Miguel Rodrigues in parallel. A first part will focus on the analysis of finite difference schemes. The issues of stability and consistency for such schemes considered in the infinite or periodic domain as well as in the bounded domain will be addressed. Secondly, the approximation of entropy weak solutions of non-linear hyperbolic conservation laws will be studied through the construction and analysis of the finite volume method. Recent developments of such schemes will be discussed.

Selected references

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Technical informations

Evaluation schedule

  • CC1 on Friday, December 1st
  • CC2 on Thursday, December 21

Numerical experiments