Pierre Loidreau

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Who am I ?

I am currently working in a cryptographic laboratory of the French Department of Defense and I am associate researcher at the Intute of Mathematical Research of Rennes. My main scientific interest consist of error-correcting codes and their applications to cryptography and telecommunications


Former PhD students

  • Gwezheneg Robert, Engineer DGA, (2015, co-direction with Daniel Augot from INRIA Saclay)
  • Antonia Wachter-Zeh, Professor at the Technical University of Munich (2013, co-direction with Martin Bossert from Ulm University)
  • Matthieu Legeay (2012)
  • Cédric Faure (2009, co-direction with Nicolas Sendrier from INRIA Paris)
  • Bassem Sakkour (2007, co-direction with Pascale Charpin from INRIA Paris)