Senior researcher from the CNRS

Deputy Director of the Biological Station of Paimpont

Station Biologique
               Université de Rennes
              35380 Paimpont - France

Key words:
Ecology, population dynamics,social relationships, dispersal, reproductive strategies, conservation, population genetics

"Landscape - Climat change - Biodiversity"

Research topics:
Behavioral plasticity and adaptation; implications for demographgy and dynamics.

Reproductive strategies, reproductive success and male-infant caretaking.

Influence of reproduction and dispersal strategies on population dynamics and genetic structure - social behaviors involved.

Impact of habitat fragmentation on the genetic diversity and structure of populations

Influence of catastrophic epidemic events on the demographic and genetic structure of populations; capacities to recover - the case of an Ebola outbreak in a lowland gorilla population.

Studied species:
Social mammals
Barbary macaques
(Macaca sylvanus)
Western lowland gorillas
(Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

Field sites:
Temperate mediterranean forests
North Africa: Algeira, Morocco

Evergreen cedar-Oak forest
Djurdjura National Park

Deciduous oak forest, shrub level (Cytisus triflorus) Akfadou forest
Tropical rain forest
Republic of Congo

Gorillas eat plants rich in mineral contents in clearings within tropical forests in North Congo

last update : July 3rd 2017