Boundary Layer Realization in Thin Elastic 3-D Domains and 2-D Hierarchic Plate Models

Monique Dauge, Zohar Yosibash

Herein we address the behavior of the linear elastic solution in three-dimensional thin domains, especially near the boundaries, and compare it to the approximated solution obtained by dimension reduced 2-D hierarchic plate models. The mathematical analysis is backed-up by numerical simulations using the p-version of the finite element method. We identify mathematically, and more importantly, quantify the engineering quantities which are rapidly changing in a boundary layer. We also investigate how well (if at all) the two-dimensional plate-models solutions approximate the three-dimensional solution inside and outside of the boundary layers.

Published in International Journal of Solid and Structures 37 (2000) 2443-2471.

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Slides "Boundary layers in thin structures" (Feb. 1999, Oberwolfach)

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