Christophe Mourougane

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Cours doctoral Structures de Hodge mixtes Mixed Hodge structures

I will first present the definition and some examples of mixed Hodge structures.
I will then display, on the example of degenerations of projective varieties,
the existence of weight structures and their compatibility with geometric morphisms.
This provides a great deal of information on the singularities of the special fiber.
On the way, I will recall cohomological methods like spectral sequences associated to filtration of sheaves.


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Premier cours : Structures de Hodge
Deuxième cours : Structures de Hodge mixtes vendredi 12 février à 10h15 dans l'Amphi Lebesgue (IRMAR)
Troisième cours : Suite de Clemens-Schmid jeudi 18 février à 10h15 dans la salle 16 (IRMAR)