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Sylvain Duquesne

Université Rennes I
Laboratory IRMAR, UMR CNRS 6625
Campus Beaulieu.
35042 Rennes cedex

Office 613 building 22-23.
Phone: (+33)
Fax: (+33)
Email: sylvain.duquesne @


I am professor at the university of Rennes since 2008. My field of research is Number Theory and more particularly arithmetic and algoritmic on algebraic curves, as also applications in cryptography.

Main Responsibilities

  • In charge of the Cryptography Master Degree in Rennes
  • Director of the IRMAR laboratory (2017-2021)
  • CIMPA Scientific Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa (2013-2017)
  • Publications

  • Montgomery-friendly primes and applications to cryptography with J-C. Bajard, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, vol. 11 (2021), pp.399-415.
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