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  • * Somethings about the Alps and related areas
    Tools I am using for my research of my teaching
  • * To do thermodynamic calculation, nothing better than THERIAK-DOMINO

    What is it?
    The THERIAK-DOMINO software is a program collection written by Christian de Capitani (Mineralogy and Petrology Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland) -- see key references at the bottom of this page. The Theriak-Domino routines are best known for their ability to calculate and plot equilibrium phase diagrams (also known as pseudosections). Theriak, the heart of the collection, calculates the stable mineral assemblage and equilibrium phase compositions for a given rock (bulk composition) at specified P, T conditions. Domino is the key program for plotting diagrams. Additional programs calculate thermodynamic functions, (pseudo)binary or (pseudo)ternary phase diagrams, equilibrium phase compositional isopleths, and density, volume or modal equilibrium distributions. The programs, including source code (Fortran 77), are available for both Mac and Windows.

  • * An incredible tool for using maps: GEOMAPAPP

  • * You need really good thin sections, do not hesitate to contact GEOPREP in Basel (Switzerland)

  • Books
  • * An interesting view of the Alpine geology with lot of photographs Die Geologie der Alpen aus der Luft by K. Stüwe and R. Homberger, 2010. At the moment this book is only in German. The english translation should be come soon…

  • * A good book about petrology and thermodynamics Principles of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology by A. Philpotts and J. Ague, 2009

  • * New view on teaching structural geology Structural geology by H. Fossen, 2010

  • * You like thin section, have a look on this book: Microscopical Examination and Interpretation of Portland Cement and Clinker by D.H Campbel, 1999

  • * Another book of beautiful pictures The Salt Mine: A Digital Atlas of Salt Tectonics by M.R. Hudec and M. P. A. Jackson, 2011

  • Interesting links
  • A good fieldwork guide by Rob Butler (Aberdeen) published by the GEES. download it