Date:         Mon, 22 Apr 1996 09:16:35 EDT
Reply-To:     Francois Morain <>
Sender:       Number Theory List <NMBRTHRY@VM1.NODAK.EDU>
From:         Francois Morain <>
Subject:      #E_X(GF(2^1301))

We have established a new (as far as we know) record in elliptic curve point counting over GF(2^n). This new record follows records we have already done before, mainly, n = 701 (cf. [LM95]) and n = 1009 (cf. [LM96]).

Let K = GF(2^1301)=GF(2)[T]/(T^1301+T^11+T^10+T+1) and put

a6 = T^16+T^14+T^13+T^9+T^8+T^7+T^6+T^5+T^4+T^3.

Let E be the curve E: Y^2+XY=X^3+a6. Then #E(K)=2^1301+1-t where

t = -12520204660458550994342381347414364580981597602551541937475251045091\ 682467090516587665003925037001223752821603011654792837240825761437453\ 092925430162137172566628268880767876046805121177132601520639

The method used is the Schoof-Elkies-Atkin algorithm incorporating Lercier's algorithm [L96] for computing isogenies in small characteristic.

The computation was done on several DEC alpha's. The time needed on a single DEC alpha would have been 206 days among which 7 days were spent computing isogenies. This is smaller than what we had for GF(2^1009) (243 days for the whole computation, among which 155 days for computing isogenies with the algorithm described in [C94]). All l up to 673 had to be used.

Papers on this topic can be found in


R. Lercier and F. Morain

Bibliography ------------

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