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  1. Install tensorflow-gpu on Fedora 29

    I want to run the notebook from Guillaume Lambard on our server. Operating system is a Fedora 29 because it is the last version supported by the NVIDIA cuda toolkit. The GPU is a TESLA K-20.

    Install the CUDA tookit

    dnf config-manager --add-repo http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda …
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  2. INRIA TECH 2020 Talk

    Talk at INRIA Rennes January 2020

    Link to slides.

    To open the notebooks run them locally:

    git clone https://gitlab.inria.fr/navarop/JuliaInriaTech
    cd JuliaInriaTech
    julia --project
    julia> using Pkg
    julia> Pkg.instantiate()
    julia> include("generate_nb.jl")
    julia> using IJulia
    julia> notebook(dir=joinpath(pwd(),"notebooks"))
    [ Info: running ...

    Introduction …

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  3. Numkin 2019 Talk

    Solving the Vlasov equation with Julia

    The Vlasov equation is of fundamental importance in plasma physics and particularly for simulations in Magnetic fusion and of Tokamak plasmas. I present here a way to use the Julia language to solve it numerically.

    After a short introduction about the language, the first …

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