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Last update Sept. 6th 2012

  1. Danielle Tan, Patrick Richard, James T. Jenkins, A model for the onset of oscillations near the stopping angle in an inclined granular flow, Eur. Phys. J. E (2012) 35: 122, DOI: 10.1140/epje/i2012-12122-x

  2. open questions

  3. Massimo Pica Ciamarra , Patrick Richard , Matthias Schröter and Brian P. Tighe, Statistical mechanics for static granular media: open questions, Soft Matter 2012,8, 9731-9737. abstract & download (the web site of Soft Matter, this web site) BIBTEX file

  4. open questions

  5. Patrick Richard, Sean McNamara and M. Tankeo, Relevance of numerical simulations to booming sand, Phys. Rev. E, 85, 010301 (2012). abstract & download (PRE) BIBTEX file

  6. booming sand

  7. Sébastien Kiesgen de Richter Vladimir Yu Zaitsev, Patrick Richard, Renaud Delannay, Gérard Le Caer and Vincent Tournat, Experimental evidence of aging and slow restoration of the weak-contact configuration in tilted 3D granular packings, Journal of statistical mechanics, P11023 (2010). abstract & download (arxiv) or (JSTAT) BIBTEX file

  8. avalanche precursors

  9. Jean-Francois Metayer, Patrick Richard, Alain Faisant and Renaud Delannay, Electrically induced tunable cohesion in granular systems, Journal of statistical mechanics, P08003 (2010). abstract & download (arxiv) or (JSTAT) BIBTEX file

  10. avalanche precursors

  11. Gaelle Recher, Denis Rouede, Patrick Richard, Antoine Simon, Jean-Jaques Bellanger, Francois Tiaho, Three distinct sarcomeric patterns of skeletal muscle revealed by SHG and TPEF Microscopy, Optics Express, Vol. 17, Issue 22, pp. 19763-19777 (2009). abstract & download Optics Express BIBTEX file

  12. avalanche precursors

  13. Sean McNamara, Patrick Richard, Sebastien Kiesgen de Richter, Gerard Le Caer, and Renaud Delannay, "Measurement of granular entropy", Phys. Rev. E 80, 031301 (2009). abstract & download (PRE) BIBTEX file .

  14. Granular compactivity

  15. P. Richard, A. Valance, J.-F. Metayer, P. Sanchez, J. Crassous, M.Y. Louge and R. Delannay, "Rheology of confined granular flows: Scale invariance, glass transition and friction weakening", Physical Review Letters, 101, 248002 (2008). abstract & download (PRL) BIBTEX file .

  16. confined granular flows

  17. V.Yu. Zaitsev, P. Richard, R. Delannay, V. Tournat and V.E. Gusev, "Pre-avalanche structural rearrangements in the bulk of granular medium: experimental evidence, Europhysics Letters, 83, 64003, (2008) DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/83/64003. abstract & download (EPL) BIBTEX file.

  18. avalanche precursor

  19. P. Richard and N. Taberlet, "Recent advances in D.E.M. simulations of grains in a rotating drum", Soft Matter, 2008, 4, 1345-1348 (2008) DOI: 10.1039/b717129c. abstract & download (Soft Matter) BIBTEX file.

  20. rotating drum

  21. J. Crassous, J.F. Metayer, P. Richard and C. Laroche, "Experimental study of a creeping granular flow at very low velocity", Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and experiment, P03009 (2008). abstract & download (JSTAT) BIBTEX file.

  22. velocity profil

  23. N. Taberlet, P. Richard and R. Delannay, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 55, 230-234 (2008). abstract & download (sciencedirect) BIBTEX file.

  24. Granular flow

  25. Ph. Ribière, P. Richard, P. Philippe, D. Bideau and R. Delannay , "On the existence of stationary states during granular compaction", The European Physical Journal E, 22, 249-253 (2007).  abstract&download (EPJE or arxiv) BIBTEX file.

  26. granular compaction

  27. N. Taberlet, P. Richard, J.T. Jenkins and R. Delannay, "Density inversion in rapid granular flows: the supported regime", The European Physical Journal E, 22, 17-24 (2007).  abstract&download (EPJE) BIBTEX file.

  28. granular flow : basal dilute layer

  29. R. Delannay, M. Louge, P. Richard, N. Taberlet and A. Valance, " Towards a theoretical picture of dense granular flows down inclines", Nature Materials 6, 99108 (2007). abstract&download (nature materials or download) BIBTEX file.

  30. granular flows

  31. W. Bi, R. Delannay, P. Richard, et A. Valance, "Experimental study of two-dimensional, monodisperse, frictional-collisional granular flows down an inclined chute", Physics of Fluids 18, 123302 (2006), abstract&download  (POF)

  32. exp. setup : 2D chute

  33. N. Taberlet, P. Richard and E.J. Hinch, " The S-shape of a granular pile in a rotating drum", Phys. Rev. E 73, 050301 (2006), abstract&download  (PRE or arxiv).

  34. granular flows

  35. Nicolas Taberlet, Michael Newey, Patrick Richard and Wolfgang Losert J. Stat. Mech.  (2006) P07013. abstract&download (JStatMech )

  36. segregation in a drum

  37. N. Taberlet and P. Richard, "Diffusion of a granular pulse in a rotating drum", Physical Review E 73(4) 041301 (2006). abstract&download (PRE or arxiv).

  38. dissusion of granular media

  39. P. Ribière, P. Richard, R. Delannay, D. Bideau, M. Toiya and W. Losert, "Effect of Rare Events on Out-of-Equilibrium Relaxation", Physical Review Letters 95, 268001 (2005). abstract&download ( PRL or arxiv ). 

  40. cage motion during granular compaction

  41. P. Ribière, P. Philippe, P. Richard, R. Delannay and D. Bideau, "Slow compaction of granular systems",  Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 17, S2743-S2754 (2005). abstract&download (J. Phys. : Condens. Matter)

    cage motion during granular compaction

  42. W. Bi, R. Delannay, P. Richard, N. Taberlet and A. Valance, "Two- and three-dimensional confined granular chute flows: experimental and numerical results", Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 17, S2457-S2480 (2005). abstract&download (J. Phys. : Condens. Matter)

  43. cage motion during granular compaction

  44. P. Richard, M. Nicodemi, R. Delannay, P. Ribière et D. Bideau, "Slow relaxation and compaction of granular systems", Nature Materials, 4, 121-128 (2005) download.

  45. cage motion during granular compaction

  46. P. Ribière, P. Richard, D. Bideau and R. Delannay, "Experimental compaction of anisotropic granular media ", The European Physical Journal E, 16, 415-420 (2005) ( EPJE or arxiv ).

  47. cage motion during granular compaction

  48. P. Ribière, P. Richard, R. Delannay and D. Bideau, "Importance of convection in the compaction mechanisms of anisotropic granular media ", Physical Review E 71, 011304 (2005). abstract&download ( PRE or arxiv ).

  49. cage motion during granular compaction

  50. N. Taberlet, P. Richard, E. Henry and R. Delannay, "The growth of a Super Stable Heap: An experimental and numerical study", Europhysics Letters, 68 (4), pages 515-521 (2004) abstract&download (EPL or arxiv).

  51. growth of a granular heap

  52. N. Taberlet, W. Losert and P. Richard, "Understanding the dynamics of segregation bands of simulated granular material in a rotating drum ", Europhysics Letters, 68 (4), pages 522-528 (2004) abstract&download (EPL or arxiv).

  53. growth of a granular heap

  54. GDR MiDi, "On dense granular flows", The European Physical Journal E 14 ,  pages 341-365 (2004) abstract&download (EPJE or arxiv).

  55. shearing

  56.  N. Taberlet, P. Richard, A. Valance, W. Losert, J.-M. Pasini, J. T. Jenkins and R. Delannay, "Superstable Granular Heap in a Thin Channel", Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, pages 264301 (2003).
  57. hard sphere packings

  58. G. Berton, R. Delannay, P. Richard, N. Taberlet and A. Valance, 2D inclined chute flows : transverse motion and segregation, Physical Review E,  68, pages 051303 (2003).
  59. diffusion in granular flows

  60. Patrick Richard, Pierre Philippe, Fabrice Barbe, Stéphane Bourlès, Xavier Thibault and Daniel Bideau, Analysis by X-ray microtomography of a granular packing undergoing compaction, Phys. Rev E 68, 020301 (2003). abstract&download ( pdf file or arxiv or PRE ) .

  61. X-ray tomography

  62. P. Richard, T. Prasse, J.Y. Cavaillé, L. Chazeau, C. Gauthier and J. Duchet, "Reinforcement of rubbery epoxy by carbon nanofibres", Materials Science and Engineering: A  352,  344-348 (2003).

  63. hard sphere packings

  64. V. Luchnikov, A. Gervois, P. Richard, L. Oger and J.-P. Troadec, Cristallization of dense hard sphere packings : competition of fcc and hcp close order, Journal of Molecular Liquids,  96-97, 185-194, (2002). abstract&download ( sciencedirect ).

  65. Q4 and Q6

  66. P. Richard, J-P. Troadec, L. Oger and A. Gervois, A model of binary assemblies of spheres, The European Physical Journal E,  6 , pages 295-303, (2001). abstract&download ( EPJE ).

  67. Radical Tessellation

  68. P. Richard, J-P. Troadec, L. Oger and A. Gervois, Effect of the anisotropy of the cells on the topological properties of 2D and 3D froths ,  Physical Review E, 63,  062401 (2001). abstract&download ( PRE ).

  69. variance vs Ksph

  70.  L. Oger, P. Richard, J-P. Troadec and A. Gervois, Comparison of two representations of a random cut of identical sphere packing, The European Physical Journal B, 14, pages 403-406, (2000). abstract&download ( EPJB ).

  71. Navigation Map

  72. P. Richard, A. Gervois, L. Oger and J.-P. Troadec, Order and disorder in hard sphere packings, Europhysics Letters, 48 (4), pages 415-420, (1999). abstract&download ( EPL ).
  73. Distribution of Q6 loc

  74. P. Richard, L. Oger, J-P. Troadec and A. Gervois, Geometrical characterization of hard sphere systems, Physical Review E, 60(4), pages 4551-4558, (1999). abstract&download (PRE)

  75. hard sphere packings

  76. P. Richard, L.Oger, L. Samson, J. Lemaître and N.N. Medvedev, Application of the Voronoi tessellation to study transport and segregation of grains inside 2D and 3D packings of spheres, Granular Matter , 1, pages 203-211, (1999). abstract&download ( granular matter ).

  77. Motion of a bead on a rough bottom

  78. P. Richard, L. Oger, J.P. Troadec and A. Gervois, Tessellation of binary assemblies of spheres, Physica A, 259, pages 205-221, (1998). abstract&download ( sciencedirect ).

  79. Navigation Map