`3èmes Journées Singulières'
Third Singular Days

29-31 August 2002, Le Tronchet, France

Book of abstracts and list of participants (pdf file, 92K)

Participants à l'Abbatiale du Tronchet, August 31, 2002 (11 photos)

Fichera corner
Fichera corner
The Fichera corner is a cube minus a smaller cube. It is the logo of these Singular Days because it is the prototype of a domain where edge and corner singularities interact. It is named after Fichera who was the first to give an approximation of its first corner singular exponent: In 1973 he provided the bounds 0.4335 and 0.4645. Later, in 1993, the value 0.45418 was obtained by a boundary element method approximation