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(J. Bochnak, M. Coste, M-F. Roy, Ergeb. Math. Grenzgeb. (3) 36, Springer-Verlag 1998)


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  1. p. 130, l. 28-29 (precision concerning an example of a nonnegative ${\cal C}^\infty$ function on ${\Bbb R}$ whose square root is not ${\cal C}^\infty$, communicated by J-C. Tougeron)
    An example of a ${\cal C}^\infty$ function from ${\Bbb R}$ to ${\Bbb R}$, which is positive outside $0$ and infinitely flat at $0$, and whose square root is not ${\cal C}^2$ at $0$, is given in:
    G. Glaeser: Racine carrée d'une fonction différentiable. Ann. Inst. Fourier 13 (1963), 203--210.
  2. p. 189, l. 18-19
    Corollary 8.7.13 cannot be used at this place since it is not yet known that $B$ is noetherian. One can use [264] Chap.\ 8, Theorem 3, which says that, for every prime ideal ${\frak p}$ of $B$, ${}^h\! B \otimes_B k({\frak p})$ is an integral $k({\frak p})$-algebra whose local rings are separable algebraic extensions of $k({\frak p})$. In particular, if ${\frak q} \subset {\frak q}'$ are ideals of ${}^h\! B$ such that ${\frak q}\cap B={\frak q}'\cap B$, then ${\frak q}={\frak q}'$.
  3. p. 191, l. 5-3 from bottom (communicated by Alessandro Tancredi)
    The argument for the fact that ${\frak m}_x$ is finitely generated is incorrect and should be replaced by the following one:
    Let ${\frak n}_x$ be the ideal of $f \in {\cal P}(V)$ vanishing at $x$. We have ${\frak n}_x {\cal N}(M)= {\frak m}_x$, hence ${\frak m}_x$ is finitely generated.
  4. p. 203, l. 11
    read "where $\pi$ is the projection ..." instead of "where $\Pi$ is the projection ..."
  5. p. 300, l. 15 (statement of Proposition 12.1.3) :
    read "Let $\xi$ be a prealgebraic vector bundle" instead of "Let $\xi$ be an algebraic vector bundle".


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