Julien Lavauzelle

julien.lavauzelle [at] univ-rennes1.fr

Office 434 - IRMAR
Bâtiment 22-23, Université de Rennes 1
263, avenue du Général Leclerc
35042 Rennes CEDEX

I'm a postdoctoral fellow at IRMAR (University of Rennes, France). My current position is funded by the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA), through the Pôle d'excellence Cyber.

Before, I was PhD student in the GRACE team (LIX and Inria Saclay, Palaiseau, France). My PhD advisors were Françoise Levy-dit-Vehel and Daniel Augot.

I'm mainly interested in error-correcting codes and their application in cryptography. My favorite topics are:


▸  Preprints

Private Information Retrieval Schemes with Regenerating Codes,
  with Razane Tajeddine, Ragnar Freij-Hollanti and Camilla Hollanti.
[arXiv eprint]
Weighted Lifted Codes: Local Correctabilities and Application to Robust Private Information Retrieval,
  with Jade Nardi.
To be submitted.
[arXiv eprint]
Cryptanalysis of a Scheme Based on Twisted Reed-Solomon Codes,
  with Julian Renner.
[arXiv eprint]

▸  Journal papers

Private Information Retrieval from Transversal Designs.
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 65, no. 2, pp. 1189-1205, 2019.
[arXiv eprint] [IEEE eprint]
Lifted Projective Reed-Solomon Codes.
Designs, Codes and Cryptography, to appear.
[arXiv eprint] [DCC eprint]
Generic Constructions of PoRs from Codes and Instantiations,
  with Françoise Levy-dit-Vehel.
Journal of Mathematical Cryptology, to appear.
[HAL eprint] [JMC eprint]
Voxelisation in the 3-D Fly Algorithm for PET,
  with Zainab Ali Abbood, Évelyne Lutton, Jean-Marie Rocchisani, Jean Louchet, Franck P. Vidal.
Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, Elsevier, vol. 36, pp. 91-105, 2017.
[ScienceDirect eprint]

▸  International conferences

Constructions for efficient Private Information Retrieval protocols.
Workshop on Coding and Cryptography -- Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2017.
[extended abstract] [slides]
New Proofs of Retrievability using Locally Decodable Codes,
  with Françoise Levy-dit-Vehel.
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory -- Barcelona, Spain, 2016.
[IEEE eprint] [slides]

▸  Others

Codes with locality: constructions and applications to cryptographic protocols.
PhD thesis -- Université Paris-Saclay, France, defended 30-11-2018.
  Main advisor: Françoise Levy-dit-Vehel
  Co-advisor: Daniel Augot
  Reviewers: Maura Paterson, Christophe Ritzenthaler
  Examiners: Alain Couvreur, Camilla Hollanti, Gilles Zémor (chair)
[manuscript] [slides]


▸  On the construction of private information retrieval (PIR) protocols:
Séminaire C2 (national seminar on codes and cryptography).
Paris, France, 25-01-2019 -- [slides]
Séminaire CASYS.
Université de Grenoble, France, 31-01-2019 -- [slides]
Séminaire Cryptologie et Sécurité.
Université de Caen, France, 27-02-2019 -- [slides]
Séminaire de l'équipe de Géométrie et algèbre effectives.
IRMAR, Université de Rennes 1, France, 01-03-2019 -- [slides]
▸  On locally correctable codes (LCC) and private information retrieval (PIR):
Séminaire de cryptographie.
Université de Versailles -- Saint-Quentin, France, 13-11-2018 -- [slides]
▸  On private information retrieval (PIR) based on transversal designs:
TUM seminar
Munich, Germany, 27-02-2018 -- [slides]
Séminaire de cryptographie
Rennes, France, 02-02-2018 -- [slides]
5th Workshop Code-Based Cryptography 2017
Tenerife, Spain, 02-06-2017 -- [slides]
National conference Journées Codage et Cryptographie 2017
La Bresse, France, 27-04-2017 -- [slides]
▸  On proofs-of-retrievability (PoR) using codes:
National conference Journées Codage et Cryptographie 2018
Aussois, France, 12-10-2018 -- [slides]
National conference Journées Codage et Cryptographie 2015
La Londe les Maures, France, 08-10-2015 -- [slides]

Other communications

▸  Posters

Private Information Retrieval Protocols with Codes Based on Transversal Designs.
Munich Workshop on Coding and Applications (MWCA) 2017 -- Munich, Germany, 2017


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