Dr. Jean-François Soulé




Our book has been just published

Organometallics for Green Catalysis

Editors: Dixneuf, Pierre H., Soulé, Jean-Francois (Eds.)

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Our last review on Chem is online

Application of Palladium-Catalyzed C(sp2)–H Bond Arylation to the Synthesis of Polycyclic (Hetero)Aromatics

W. Hagui, H. Doucet, J.-F. Soulé,* Chem. 2019 5, 2006-2078.

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Our new method to modify phosphines and discover highly active multifunctional ligand is online on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

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About Me


I completed his PhD in 2007 working on the Petasis reaction applied on the synthesis of molecules of biological interest under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Marie Beau, at the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, Gif-sur- Yvette (France). In 2010, I joined the group of Prof. Shu Kobayashi at the University of Tokyo (Japan) as a postdoctoral fellow. In October 2013, I was appointed as “Chargé de Recherche” CNRS at the University of Rennes 1 in the group of Dr Henri Doucet. In 2017, I completed my habilitation.  My main interest focuses on the development of sustainable chemistry, notably, transition-metal catalyzed C–H functionalizations.



University of Rennes 1, ISC Rennes, France

"Transition Metal-Catalyzed Regioselective C–H Bond Functionalizations Towards Programmed Synthesis of Polyaromatic Molecule"

PhD in Organic Chemistry

University of Paris XI, ICSN, Prof. J.-M. Beau's Group, France

"New Variants of the Borono-Mannich Three-component Condensation (the Petasis Reaction) in the Construction of Bioactive Molecules from Chiral Alpha-Hydroxy Aldehydes"

Master Degree in Molecular Chemistry

University of Toulouse III, France


Bachelor Degree in Molecular  Chemistry

University of Toulouse III, France







CNRS Researcher (CR CN)

University of Rennes 1, ISC Rennes,  Dr Henri Doucet's Group, France


Postdoctoral Research Associate

The University of Tokyo, Prof. Shu Kobayashi's Group, Japan

"Development of Polymer-Incarcerated Nanocatalysts (Gold and Nickel) for Tandem Oxidative Process and Cross-Coupling Reactions"

2013– ...

2010 –2013