Our book has been just published

Organometallics for Green Catalysis

Editors: Dixneuf, Pierre H., Soulé, Jean-Francois (Eds.)

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Our last review on Chem is online

Application of Palladium-Catalyzed C(sp2)–H Bond Arylation to the Synthesis of Polycyclic (Hetero)Aromatics

W. Hagui, H. Doucet, J.-F. Soulé,* Chem. 2019 5, 2006-2078.

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Our new method to modify phosphines and discover highly active multifunctional ligand is online on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

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About Me

Jean-François Soulé completed his studies in chemistry at the University of Paul Sabatier in Toulouse before joining Professor Jean-Marie Beau's team at the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Substances in Gif-sur-Yvette for his Master II internship and Ph.D.  During this period, his work, co-supervised by Dr. Stéphanie Norsikian, focused on the development of multicomponent reactions for the synthesis of new biologically active molecules, such as antiviral drugs for Influenza.  He then completed a three-year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Professor Shū Kobayashi (2010-2013), where he worked on the heterogenization of nanocatalysts -the so-called incarceration method- in order to make cross-couplings and oxidative couplings more environmentally friendly.

In 2013, Jean-François was recruited as CNRS researcher at the Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes (ISCR), where he joined Dr. Henri Doucet's team.  He defended his « Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches » (HDR) in 2017.  His work focuses on the design and understanding of catalytic methods for the regioselective C-H bond functionalizations.  These new catalytic tools have found applications in the faster, more efficient, and eco-compatible production of compound libraries to search for the optimal structures in various fields such as drugs, molecular materials, or catalysts. In 2020, he was awarded by Thieme Chemistry Journal and he won the Jean-Pierre Sauvage Prize from French Chemical Society (Organic Chemistry Division).



CNRS Researcher (CR CN)

University of Rennes 1, ISC Rennes,  Dr Henri Doucet's Group, France


Postdoctoral Research Associate

The University of Tokyo, Prof. Shu Kobayashi's Group, Japan

"Development of Polymer-Incarcerated Nanocatalysts (Gold and Nickel) for Tandem Oxidative Process and Cross-Coupling Reactions"

2013– ...

2010 –2013


2020: Thieme Chemistry Journal Award


2020: Jean-Pierre Sauvage Prize (French Chemical Society, Organic Chemistry Division)





University of Rennes 1, ISC Rennes, France

"Transition Metal-Catalyzed Regioselective C–H Bond Functionalizations Towards Programmed Synthesis of Polyaromatic Molecule"

PhD in Organic Chemistry

University of Paris XI, ICSN, Prof. J.-M. Beau's Group, France

"New Variants of the Borono-Mannich Three-component Condensation (the Petasis Reaction) in the Construction of Bioactive Molecules from Chiral Alpha-Hydroxy Aldehydes"

Master Degree in Molecular Chemistry

University of Toulouse III, France


Bachelor Degree in Molecular  Chemistry

University of Toulouse III, France