Ismael Bailleul's home page

Bat. 22, office 302
(+33) 02 23 23 63 69
ismael.bailleul at
Institut de recherche mathematiques de Rennes
263 Avenue du General Leclerc
35042 RENNES

Welcome to my webpage! I am currently assistant professor (maitre de conference), in Universite Rennes 1, France. My main reserch area is at the intersection of probability, geometry and mathematical physics, with a particular interest in the study of hypoelliptic diffusions, including a class of diffusions intrinsically associated with any relativistic spacetime, called relativistic diffusions. I have also been involved in the study of Smoluchowski coagulation equation (homogeneous or not), which describes the macroscopic evolution of some interacting particle system. I have recently developped a personal approach of rough paths which offers numerous perspectives, to the study of stochastic flows of maps and homogenisation problems in particular. Motivated by some questions about Yang-Mills theory, I have also started looking at some problems on singular stochastic PDEs.
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  • Stochastic differental geometry, coupling method, Lorentzian geometry
  • Sub-Riemannian geometry, Malliavin calculus
  • Particle systems, coupling method, nonlinear Markov processes
  • Rough paths, mean field stochastic rough differential equations, rough dynamics on paths space, rough flows
  • Singular PDEs, paracontrolled calculus


  • 2017-2021: ANR Grant SINGULAR
  • 2011-2015: ANR Grant "Retour Post-doctorant", 11-PDOC-0025.