You can find on this page debian binary packages for Ubuntu and its flavours...


Find below some 64-bit binaries for a recent version (2.21.5) of the MUESLI library: Find below some 64-bit binaries for an older version (2.17.12) of the MUESLI library:


Each package contains both DEBUG archived libraries and OPTIMIZED shared ones. By default, the shared libraries are used when using the 'muesli-config' script (see the Muesli User's Guide); the archived libraries can be used by specifying the option '--libs-static' to the 'muesli-config' script.

It is always possible to compile your own main program with the '-g' flag in order to use a debugger.

In both cases the installation of the package needs a lot of development version of other packages.

Installation instructions:

For all Ubuntu versions mentioned above, you should be able to install the Muesli package via a double-click on the debian archive, once downloaded; this will open the 'Gnome Software' interface. Clicking to the 'install' button (if available) should also install dependencies; note that you must have root access.

If you prefer using the command-line way, enter 'sudo dpkg -i muesli*.deb' in a terminal.
If it complains about some missing package ('Error: dependencies problems'), then enter the additional command: 'sudo apt install -f'.

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