Darwin: Mac OS X


As mentioned on the main page of Muesli, it is highly recommended to use a recent version of the BLAS/LAPACK libraries. Find here BLAS-3.6.0 and LAPACK-3.6.0 binary archived libraries, compiled with GNU gfortran 5.1 under MacOS X Yosemite (Darwin 10.10), with the debugging symbols (no optimization). You can also install BLAS/LAPACK (actually, the packages named 'openblas' and 'lapack') from Homebrew; it is very efficient and easy.


Find below the binaries:

Notes: The current version of Muesli is known to be able to be compiled by yourself on many versions of Darwin (at least from Yosemite 10.10 to Mojave 10.14).
See also the Muesli Installation Guide for other specific things.

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