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Some programs


3-adic CM Construction. Robert Carls, David Kohel, David Lubicz

A MAGMA program which computes the canonical lift of a given ordinary genus 2 curve in characteristic 3.

Modular Equator. Robert Carls, David Lubicz

This package contains MAGMA code for the generation of higher dimensional modular equations.

Quasi-quadratic time point counting algorithm. Robert Carls, David Lubicz

This is experimental MAGMA code for the computation of the number of rational points on elliptic curves over finite fields of characteristic 3 and 5. The asymptotic complexity of the implemented algorithm is quadratic in the degree of the finite field.

Magmac. David Lubicz

This is a simple library which makes use of pipe and fork unix system calls to let you use magma commands in c code.

Tests Suite of Random Sequences . David Lubicz

Strs is a (GPLed) test suite of random sequences. It implements a lot of usual test of random sequences and features a very convenient graphical representation of the output of the tests. It is based upon bitutils a efficient bit-strings manipulation library.