Curves over Finite Fields

Past, Present and Future

May 24 - May 28 (online)
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In the fall semester of 1985, Jean-Pierre Serre taught at Harvard University an extended series of lectures of his course on Rational Points on Curves over Finite Fields, first taught at Collège de France. Fernando Gouvêa's handwritten notes of this course have been spread all around since then. These notes contain the origin and inspiration of most of the works on the topic since 1985: maximal curves, construction of curves from their jacobians, class field towers, asymptotics of the number of points, etc.
At last, these notes have been edited, revised and are published by the Société Mathématique de France in the series Documents Mathématiques . The present workshop will celebrate the publication of these notes. Experts on the topic will explain the main progress since 1985 and will discuss open questions and new techniques on curves over finite fields.
Serre's book
Scientific committee:
  1. Alp Bassa (Bogazici University, Turkey)
  2. Joan-Carles Lario (UPC)
  3. Elisa Lorenzo García (Univesité de Neuchâtel, Suisse)
  4. Christophe Ritzenthaler (Université de Rennes 1 and Université Côte d'Azur, France)
  5. René Schoof (Università Tor Vergata, Italy).
Format of the event:
Due to the pandemic, the event will be entirely online. All talks will be recorded and made avaliable online so that they can be seen by the registered participants. Registered participants can also ask questions on the Zulip chat platform, especially to the plenary speakers. As their session is divided into two parts (historical overview ; prospectives/questions) some of these questions may even be answered live during the second session.
The full interview of Jean-Pierre Serre is now online!
Plenary speakers
Semi-plenary speakers
Program of the conference (May 24 - May 28)
  • Plenary Speakers 1: historical part 45mn
  • Plenary Speakers 2: prospective 30mn + questions
  • Other Speakers: 45mn
Schedules below are UTC+2 (Paris time)
Monday 24/05 Tuesday 25/05 Wednesday 26/05 Thursday 27/05 Friday 28/05
9:00 AM Couvreur 1 Van der Geer 1 Korchmáros 1 Beelen 1 Charles
6:00 PM Karemaker Van der Geer 2 Korchmáros 2 Beelen 2
7:00 PM Marseglia Couvreur 2 Li Bucur 2 Hajir
8:00 PM Kirschmer Howe 2 Montanucci Lauter 2 Sankar
10:00 PM Howe 1 Bucur 1 Lauter 1 Voloch Vogt
Registration form:
The conference is entirely online and free of charges. However due to the limitation of the technology, you have to register if you wish to attend. The registration form can be found here.